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    Strength. Endurance. Community. Health Education. And so much more. Experience unlimited classes for 30 days and see where your Journey takes you!

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    Never touched a kettlebell? No worries - our trainers will be alongside you the whole way. Get ready for a quick, fun workout with solid results with your goals in mind.

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  • It's Here!

    lululemon is here! If you're looking for activewear that is comfortable, reliable, and fits perfectly for your lifestyle - you're in the right place.

We envision a world where people embrace the journey of life and become champions who lead meaningful, fulfilling lives with those around them.

   “With everything we do, we aim to embrace life’s journey. We aim to build champions who lead meaningful, fulfilling lives  with those around them. Our services challenge the norm, encourage growth & awareness, and foster community. We just happen to provide functional fitness classes, nutrition coaching, and mindset development.”

Join us as we #EmbraceTheJourney!

     -Kevin & Devan Weis


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