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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Find us on the second floor of the Aguilera building – we’re at 1245 Badger St. Enter the east stairwell, up the steps to floor 2, first door on the left. Doors auto-unlock for you 15 minutes before classes begin.

What should I bring to class?

3 things. A pair of flat-soled shoes or a pair of socks (most go with socks), a towel for freshening up after class, and a water bottle, although we offer chilled water for purchase.

Do you offer assessments?

Assessments, or In-House Checkpoints as we call them, are available for purchase and can be scheduled during non-class hours. For even more in-depth assessments and info on your individual health, you can contact our partners at Total Athletic Therapy through the UW-L Human Performance Lab.  

Does my purchase include an open gym membership?

Any Unlimited Class Membership comes with open gym access during non-class hours – be sure to check the schedule on your Mindbody account.

Do I have to pay for the Health Explorations seminars?

Absolutely not! We value Wisdom & Servant Leadership. This is one way we bring those values to life. Come & bring your friends. All we ask is that you reserve spots online, so we know to expect you.

Are there discounts available for memberships?

Yes, discounts are available for college students, corporate members, & Three Sixty Real Estate residents. Simply provide one of the following: valid student ID, proof of employment (ID badge or pay stub), or proof of residency (phone/electric bill or lease). Not sure if your employer is a corporate member? Email or check with your employer for details.

I am newer to exercise & am unsure of my current fitness abilities, but I would like to start somewhere. Is Journey Active for me?

Simply put – yes! We always recommend starting with your doctor to gain clearance for exercise and once you have that, we encourage you to join us! Our welcoming staff & environment will make you feel like part of the Journey Family. 

What equipment is housed in your fitness studio & what will I have access to?

We aim to make working out fun, not a chore. You can utilize various weights of kettlebells, barbells & plates, a squat rack, pull-up bars, a human-powered treadmill, ropes, and more!

What is the ‘MAP’ anyways?

Over the years, we found that group classes can be crowded. It can be challenging to find your ‘own space’ while still developing community. The MAP changes this – your own  6′ x 6′ space to work in and around during class allows you enough room to workout and to receive proper coaching.

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